The best way to experience Sweden is to meet the people. There are over 10 000 Swedes who've signed up to host visitors. Meet for a coffee, cook a meal, go jogging, even get a free place to stay.

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Swedes are fun, friendly and well-traveled. Nearly 90% speak English. And many speak several other languages. Why not make a cultural connection while you're visiting? After all, this is the way travel was meant to be. Find a Swede who shares your interests or perhaps even has the same occupation. Meeting a Swede may be the highlight of your trip – it will certainly be among the most interesting and authentic experiences you can have here.

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As with most authentic experiences, we don´t know how it will play out. You might make a life-long friend, learn some fascinating new things about the swedes, or maybe not. But by making use of this search tool, you´ll certainly improve your chances of finding a good connection. If you show up for dinner, you might bring some wine or a gift. If you meet for coffee, split the tab.